Selected highlights from Digital Summit – Portland July 2017

Going through notes and pictures from the Digital Summit in Portland last year. Here are a few selected highlights.

Slowly but surely AI is happening. Machines (algorithms) are already way superior to humans in writing/replying to customer. ”So forget gut feel. Say hello to marketing language science” (Loren McDonald, IBM)

A good definition of AI could be in place: well as a description of Machine Learning (as AI and Machine Learning are sometimes used interchangeably, which they shouldn’t):

Speaking of AI, I strongly recommend the documentary about AlphaGo:

Integrating different data sources is key, and the DMP (Data Management Platform) or CDP (Customer Data Platform) is the platform to build on:

The Hype Cycle, so true: New technologies open up to new possiblities. The buzz is everywhere, but acting on the possibilities takes time. Big set back, until it actually starts happening. There is always truth in the buzz. And it always happens slower than what the evangelists preach.

There are still some basics to be fixed in the transformation to digital (Tyler Farnsworth, August United).

According to Halley Grey (, “Boring kills Conversion rates”

…so let’s have a definition of humor:

Main event of the conference was Stevie Wozniak. He prefers Google calender over Apple (“I have to use a Google calendar, it’s the only one that meet my needs”), his favorite gadget is Amazon Alexa (“Once you get one Alexa, you want more”) and he buys different electric cars just to try them out. His comment on the latest (at the time) iPhone: ”The iPhone 7 over the iPhone 6, I can hardly tell the difference”

Video: Stevie Wozniak praising Apple pay


On a final note; technology, data, analytics, sales and marketing is all getting intertwined. As an individual you need to develop your center brain, and as an organization you need to work in cross-functional teams with different skillsets.

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